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Full Moon Walk Fri 18 March

In the absence of any photos of the latest Full Moon Walk ! …………..

a poetic account of  the event

Blackstairs Night
18 /03 /2011

Up Shannon’s lane in hope
of favour from the lunar God’s
we ventured.
Twenty feet seeking
safe lunar landings.
The moon
our guide to be, peeped out
and stayed
to bathe us in resplendent light.
Resting atop Cloroge with tea ’n coffee
and offerings of tea-cake and sweets,
high tea indeed!
Our chattering silenced we viewed the feeble lights
of home and town stretching beneath.
Boyhood memories
of brave adventures
spirit me to another time,
innocence shared across years.
A distant ewe questions our sanity,
We reply heading for home and sweeter dreams.

Joe McConville


Club walk to Coumshingaun and Crotty’s Mar. 13th.

The terrific weather on Sun gave great opportunities for feature recognition to the ‘Navigators’ and scrambling practice to those going to Wales at Easter.

South spur Coumshingaun

Fun in nature's playground

Lunch with a view

Crock of gold?

Coumshingaun Loop 13 March

This amazing and magical glacial lake is one of the finest examples of a corrie lake (formed by glacier movement during the ice age) in Europe.

Map of route

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Mountain Skills 2 wk end Mar. 5/6 2011

A group of eleven eager club members have just completed their MS2 week end in the Comeraghs. Many thanks must go to Fergus for his continued assistance. Also to Greg and Gerry from the Peaks club for sharing their knowledge and expertise. The group will now continue to practice their new found skills in preparation for their Assessment on May 21/22. Good luck. As golfer Gary Player once said, “The harder I practice, the luckier I get”!

Deep concentration

What's this back bearing thing again?

Putting the theory into practice

Is there a Ring Fort round here?

This is what I call a stream junction!


Time to relax

Table Quiz Mar. 4th.

A Table Quiz will be held in the Boat and Tennis club, Wexford on Fri. 4th Mar. E20 per team of 4. Non-members very welcome. Lots of prizes and hopefully lots of fun and banter! Prizes for those who know all the answers and spot prizes for the lucky! Be there at 8.00.
Funds in aid of safety and club training. Hope to see you all there!